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Argumentative Essay

During high school career students have to write many academic papers and argumentative essay is not an exception. Not all students know how to write them, so if you are one of such students, Essay Writing In UK would like to share with you some knowledge and tell you more about argumentative essay writing.

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Argumentative essay is an academic paper in which topic should be developed in a way so that opposing sides of an argument are presented. According to Essay Writing In UK it is not very difficult to write an argumentative essay and here are the tips that will make your life even easier. Just like with any essay, start your argumentative essay with introduction. State the topic and provide some background information on the topic while following it with analysis by stating different points of view on the topic one of which you will try to prove during the course of the essay. After finishing introductory paragraph Essay Writing In UK thinks that you should proceed to writing the main body which consists of two paragraphs with each of them presenting arguments for and against the main topic being discussed. In these paragraphs you should provide explanations, justifications and examples to support the arguments. Conclusion in such essay should contain author's opinion on the topic with explanation why such opinion has been taken.

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If you want to do well with argumentative essay writing, Essay Writing In UK suggests organizing ideas you have come up with in a logical manner and divide them into positive and negative ones, then take care of paragraph structure by supplying them with transition phrases and clear justifications. Also, due to the fact that argumentative essay is a formal paper, Essay Writing In UK advises you to avoid informal style, slang expressions, word contractions and abbreviations.

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